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Commercial and Industrial Holding «Inari»

Our company unites everyone who is interested in development of Russian-Japanese economic relations in various fields, finds trends of trade and industrial collaboration and attracts investments for several years.
Working in Japan expects special knowledge and attitude.  This kind of market has its own characteristics and unwritten rules which cannot be ignored. The whole strongly paid attention point is confidence and stability in business relationships. It is certainly a great potential for Russian market.

The main services of Commercial and Industrial Holding «Inari»

  1. 1. Importing, promotion and distribution of goods on the territory of RF
  2. 2. Exporting and  promotion of goods on the territory of  Russian Federation
  3. 3. Development of new channels of cooperation with Japan  including formation of connections Russian regions and companies with Japanese partners

Information exchange:

  1. a. Provision of information about investment climate and business conditions in Russia and Japan including information about investment legislation, migration policy, taxation, business registration of companies etc.
  2. b. Provision of information about potential investment and trade partners;
  3. c.Provision of information about business events, exhibitions, forums etc.


  1. a. search and selection of business partners;
  2. b. organization and conduct of the business missions supporting;
  3. c. organization and conduct of international business events both in Russia and Japan

Support for investors:

  1. a. monitoring and support in organization of investing projects;
  2. b. assistance in resolving disputes including preventing and resolution of conflicts between enterprises of both countries in the pretrial order
Russian companies interested in establishing trade and investment collaboration can sent information about their activities and descriptions of the planned investment projects to the following address: info@inari.pro

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